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Semak status mengundi pilihanraya umum (PRU13) dengan SMS

With the upcoming elections just around the corner, Celcom introduces exclusive SMS and MMS services in conjunction with the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) and Pilihan Raya Umum 13 (PRU-13). In this series of SMS services, all Celcom prepaid and postpaid customers can enjoy the convenience of a range of feature, all from the mobile.
SMS Services
Check your voting status
Find out if you are eligible to vote by providing your IC Number.
Send SPR  to 29292
Get the latest election results 
Be the first to know of the latest DUN and Parliament poll results.
Send ON PR  to 29292
Get general information on the elections 
Be enlightened by interesting facts on SPR, previous PRU history and more.
Send ON TP to 29292
MMS Services
Get pictures of the candidates 
Know who to vote for with pictures of the PRU-13 candidates.
Just send MP  to 29292
Note: RM0.50 will be charged per SMS or MMS sent. No charges apply for receiving SMS or MMS.
Be in the know of the elections and play your part as a Malaysian in shaping the future of our nation. Subscribe to Celcom SPR and PRU-13 Mobile Service now!

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