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Bagaimana nak masuk USM

Ada yang bertanya bagaimana nak masuk USM. Jadi setelah saya mengkaji saya jumpa panduan di dalam Bahasa Inggeris di dalam laman web berikut

Di lain masa saya akan tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia

Unlike the other IPTAs, USM has its own application process. If you’re a post-Matriculation/Asasi, STPM or Diploma student and want to continue your studies in USM, find out how to apply with our simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1:
Buy a USM pin from BSN
Step 2:
Go to click on “Login Kali Pertama”. Key in your details and USM Pin and you will receive a reference number (no. rujukan)
  • REMINDER: Remember your reference number. Print it out and keep it safe or write it down because you will need it if you forget your password. 
Step 3:
Login with your Reference Number and Password and apply for your course.
  • Candidates from Matriculation/Asasi UiTM/PASUM and STPM students are allowed to apply for up to eight (8) courses 
  • Candidates from Diploma or equivalent are allowed to apply for up to four (4) courses 
  • You will not be offered any courses that you did not apply for 
  • For a list of the courses offered at USM and their requirements, go to the link:

Step 4:
Apply for the MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY SELECTION INVENTORY (MUnSyI) Test. This is important. You are required to sit for this test to qualify for USM.

Step 5:
Apply before deadline.

Good luck to all hopefuls!

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