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It's sirim time ... (go go power rangers)

What time is it?

Malaysian have 'a lot of resource' when then set their time. Usually we often heard that TV become the choice of time setting.

When I was young, i always pays some 10sens to set my watch, so that it will synchronize with Telekom's time. Why? I always feel that Telekom Malaysia have the most correct time. Until a friend of mine taught me about network time protocol.

In Malaysia, things that has standard must/should have 'Cop Sirim' . So it is natural to presume that Malaysian Standard Time should be in SIRIM's hand.

Jadi mana satu nak pilih?

Sepatutnya kalau nama pun dah Malaysian Standard Time, yakni ada perkataan 'standard', kenalah SIRIM jaga kan? Jadi beberapa tahun lepas Sirim dah buat inisiatif untuk ada jam yang standard untuk seluruh Malaysia (atau ehem untuk 1Malaysia).

So here it is... Malaysian Standard Time

You can access it online here:

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