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Selamat Tahun Baru

2010 Fireworks at Queensbay, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia photo by Michael Lee~ photo by Michael Lee (found on ShutterAsia)

Untuk klear my mind semalam. I went to Queensbay Mall to see some fireworks. By the time I sampai there, our beloved and trustworthy Polis Di Raja Malaysia assisted by some RELA troops made some roadblocks. News kata, roadblock was there to prevent 2010 countdown event f**ked-up by wild party goers (like on the Xmas eve).

Flyover from Bulatan Rizman to Queensbay Mall has been closed by the police. Because of the roadblock, I only manage to watch the bunga api (fireworks) from tengah-tengah jalan of that busy road.

I have never see Queensbay so jammed sampaikan when U enter via Pantai Jerejak pun, there's a lot of cars.

By the time I arrived at the event area, all the viewers, are starting to berpusu-pusu keluar bagaikan MEGA-SCALED kambing keluar kandang. So I lepak at Hammer Bay while eating some sotong goreng tepung.

~ Sotong Goreng Tepung, Nasi Goreng Kampung, Teh O Panas & Ais Limau, di Hammer Bay)

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  1. Makan secara LIVE dalam talian sambil bertweet dengan aweks seluruh dunia


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