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MIRC - Penang Networking Session

15/8/2008~ MCA ICT Resource Centre (MIRC) Penang Networking Session was been held at Starbucks, e-Gate, near Tesco Jelutong. This event also serve to promote the now ongoing Penang ICT Week I was being informed by Nas about this event. Last time I was introduced to Java Chip, at this night I just try test order Caramel Frappucino (cold).

Me, iCalvyn, and his friend 'khusyuk mendengar ceramah'

This Chinese, Shahrul-look-a-like was presented about ICT grants, while that guy in black was talking about an interesting serious ICT matter - present/future trends of ICT.

Next, it was Nas' turn. It takes two to four person (including a girl) to configure their projector to projects presentation from Nas' Apple.

While waiting projector to be configured, a MIRC guy introduced Nas to the audience. (Nas is a pelajar UUM, peserta inkubator ICT USM). Nas presentation is entitled "Blogging Trends"

According to Nas, he prepare his presentation using Google Docs (no Microsoft Office or

According to Nas, the world currently is catching up the Micro-Blogging (for example: twitter). Of course, Malaysia is still one or two years behind.

Of course these (pangkat-officer-ke-atas) girls from MIRC juga worked-hard to make this event a success. Yang mana satu Alice, Pauline, Sarah, & Sarimah... so kena teka sendiri la...

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  1. menarik tu bro.Bila pulak hang nak bentangkan hasil keje hang.. kat MIRC ni :)


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