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New RM50 Bank Note?

Somebody have misuse my e-mail address to send lots of e-mail forwards. Well I hate it. One of his forwards titled "New RM50 note". Of course the design of course are different from our current RM50 note, but I wasn't. These sample picture is/was the Commemorative RM 50 note for the "Kuala Lumpur '98 - XVI Commonwealth Games" which was available during that year. It was sold for RM80 per note, despite it's legal worth. It is considered as a collector item.

I believe the new (if there is) RM50 note will not the same as the SUKOM98 commemorative note. I will be more like RM50 plastic note.

Izu's baby

A friend of mine invited me to see our coleague's, Izu newborn baby at 'hospital bersalin kerajaan'. kuci kuci kuu

Air Asia Crashed at KL Airport - News Not Covered By Media


IT'S A HOAX! That is my opinion when I received and watched these pictures. I've receive this picture from an e-mail titled "Air Asia Crashed at KL Airport - News Not Covered By Media". To me this is just another prank. Yes the image are real and there were no superimpose inside, but the title is misleading.

I believe it was Air Asia conduct some safety training cum assessment on how effective and fast their emergency response are, thus 'memperbaiki' any standard emergency operating procedure flaw.

Look at the bottom of nose of the plane... no crash or 'remuk-remuk' right? If you watch Are Crash Inventigation on National Geographic Channel, you might learn something, especially when someone wants to 'tipu' you.

Mandriva Linux Free Mini 2006

Last night, I was installing Mandriva Linux Free Mini 2006 (Mini). Since I just want to see the desktop environment, and know how to install it, just suka-suka, therefor I choose the (around) 400MB (432802KB) Mini version. Truly I thought that Mini is Mandriva linux version for one cd version, differ from 3 CD ones. I am trully wrong. Mandriva Linux one cd version are called "Mandriva One 2006". It is a Installable Live CD. Currently it is in beta version. But be careful because some says it might me pretty confusing.

Here are excerpt from DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 141, 6 March 2006
Speaking about live CDs, it is interesting to watch the progress of Mandriva's "secret project" - Mandriva Linux One. Now in beta 3, this new live CD differs from Mandriva Move, the original live CD made by the Paris-based company, in that it can be installed on a hard disk. Once the final product is released, Mandriva users will no longer need to download the usual three (or more) installation CDs; instead, they can simply get the live CD, test the hardware compatibility and, if they find the distribution to their liking, follow a simple installation wizard to give it a permanent space on their hard disks. The first test reports were slightly discouraging, but since Mandriva One is still in beta, some problems can be expected. A word of warning: if you are going to download one of the non-English language CD images, be careful to choose the right one for your region and don't just trust the name of the ISO image. With Turkish on a CD labelled as "Central Europe" and "Czech" on one labelled as "Eastern Europe", it is clear that whoever suggested the Mandriva One CD image names doesn't have much clue about the European geography!
Currently I am downloading Mandriva Linux Free 2006 CD 1,2,3 isos and Mandriva Linux Free Live 2006. Yep... I will be trying the full version ones...

Happy "meLINUXkan diri anda"

Bahasa Melayu oh Bahasa Melayu

Baru-baru ini heboh diperkatakan tentang memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu. Mangsa pertama terkena kepada Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Maka dengan itu banyaklah pandangan-pandangan tentang untuk memperbaiki DBP dan sebagainya. Kemudian penggunaan frasa yang salah digembar-gemburkan sebagai punca BM lesu.

Pada pandangan saya, sepatutnya perkara seperti penggunaan BM di papan tanda perlu diberi perhatian terlebih dahulu. Kemudian layanan pihak kedai perlu dalam BM dulu, melainkan pelanggan bertutur dalam bahasa lain. Laman-laman web terutamanya yang mempunyai TLD .my (dot my) perlulah mempunyai pilihan BM atau dwi bahasa.

Ada banyak lagi langkah... tapi yang penting gunakan BM dahulu. Kesilapan kecil, biarlah dulu. Yang penting gunakan Bahasa Melayu dulu.

Bagi pihak yang memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu, saya puji anda. Sekian terima kasih.
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