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Gambar mula-mula masuk kerja 2003

A couple of month ago, I had found this picture back, in it's original form. This picture was taken on 2004, during my first year in tempat kerja. This picture has been used in my department official posters, videos, and website. Feared that this picture will be lost, I am posting this picture on this blog, so that I can find it easily, when I want to use it.

Raihan at USM

A contemporary nasyid group, Raihan made their performance last night for an event which involve orphans from PEYATIM's orphanages. The three days event includes Quran recitation contest from orphans from all around Malaysia.

Raihan performs in nasyid songs in a thetrical play that story about courage among orphans. In the play, It was mentions that Rasulullah, Muhammad s.a.w. is an orphan too.

Raihan performed more than two songs, which includes 'Utusan Terakhir', from the movie 'Muhammad s.a.w., Utusan Terakhir / Muhammad s.a.w., the Last Messenger' and 'Iktiraf', the theme from 'Syukur21'.

Marrybrown's Chick-a-licious vs KFC's O.R. Chicken Chop

KFC today are promoting their new Original Recipe's Chicken Chop at the (combo) price around RM10. For your information, Marrybrown for years has their own version of the chop namely Chick-a-licious (pictures below - mouse over the picture for more info). It cost RM6.90 a-la-carte or RM 7.90 combo with softdrinks (Of course the price are subject to 5% govt. tax)
Marrybrown Chick-a-licious Marrybrown Chick-a-licious - closer pic

Hearty Chicken Porridge (RM2.90)I've been testing a lot of food, to me, the best dish Marrybrown is the Hearty Chicken Porridge. Price = RM 2.90. It and taste better and than McD's bubur ayam. But hey, just don't take my word, test it yourself. My opinion may not be right for you. We have different tongue kan?

If you want to escape the 5% tax, why don't you come and bring your family, friends, rakan sekerja to Marrybrown USM. Jom makan dalam universiti

Phishing! Cara penyamar bank tipu duit kita melalui emel

Baru-baru ini saya mendapat e-mel yang meminta saya update akaun bank saya di Bank of America. Oleh kerana saya memang tiada akaun Bank of America, jadi saya agak memang ada orang nak pekena saya. Pada masa artikel ini ditulis (2006), phishing kononnya dari bank-bank di Malaysia hampir tiada. Tapi kalaulah anda jumpa kononnya dari Bank Islam ke, Maybank ke, CIMB ke, teknik yang sama akan digunakan, malah siap translate ke BM lagi semata mata nak tipu anda.

Di bawah ini adalah contoh paparan emel untuk tipu anda. Kononnya daripada pihak bank.

contoh e-mel phishing - asal 

Perhatikan yang

  • Sebenarnya (1) bukan hyperlink atau tulisan tapi sebenarnya gambar.
  • Bila anda lalukan mouse ke (1), anda akan dapati yang laman web yang kononnya (1) tidak sama dengan laman web sebenar yang akan anda pergi, iaitu (2)
  • Logo di (3) adalah 100% sebenar. Mana-mana orang boleh buat ni dengan cara copy-paste daripada website sebenar

contoh e-mel phishing - bertanda

Di bawah ini adalah laman web asal yang boleh dilayari dengan MENAIP SENDIRI.

website sebenar Bank Of America

Perhatikan yang

  • (4) tak sama dengan (2). Ini adalah kerana nama hanya unik kepada BankOfAmerica yang sebenar. Jadi orang yang nak menipu kena gunakan nama lain untuk dotcom dia. Kiranya macam no henset la juga.
  • Logo (5) sama dengan (3). Memang sama pun, sebab diorang ni cuma copy-paste je.

 website sebenar Bank Of America - bertanda

Kat Malaysia ni kalau orang nak tipu dia akan letak contohnya Maybank, BankIslam, CIMB. Jadi berhati-hatilah.

Semoga simpanan anda selamat dari kena tipu.

New RM50 Bank Note?

Somebody have misuse my e-mail address to send lots of e-mail forwards. Well I hate it. One of his forwards titled "New RM50 note". Of course the design of course are different from our current RM50 note, but I wasn't. These sample picture is/was the Commemorative RM 50 note for the "Kuala Lumpur '98 - XVI Commonwealth Games" which was available during that year. It was sold for RM80 per note, despite it's legal worth. It is considered as a collector item.

I believe the new (if there is) RM50 note will not the same as the SUKOM98 commemorative note. I will be more like RM50 plastic note.

F1 car in Pulau Pinang!

the Girls the MEHonda RA106 the-N-gine

On 24th February 2006. Honda Racing F1 Team's promotion tour are held for 3 days in Gurney Plaza. I was lucky to arrive there, and get to take pictures with the 'gadis litar'. I believe this promo is to celebrate Honda 100% ownership of formerly BAR Honda, and realisation of Soichiro Honda's dream having all Japanese F1 team. There's Sony Playstation PS2 F1 racing competition. WInners will get ONE (I think) ticket to Malaysian Grand Prix 2006. Enjoy the 'gambar's (photos).

One of my best pics

This picture was taken with Business Idea and Business Plan Competition contestants (they are also Bac. Computer Science students). I learn something about System Development Life Cycle
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