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Lunch and talk with Richard M. Stallman

I and some 5 other staffs / academicians from School of Computer Science (and maybe elsewhere) had lunch with Richard Stallman.

During the lunch, Mr. Stallman said that for an organization to move to non proprietary software, they should delete all the obsticle to achieve the implementation of Free Software in the organisation.

That organisation should start it with the website of it's organisation. That is to say that the website should be able to view from all browsers, not limited to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Public Education (primary, secondary, college or university) should not teach its students the mega-corporation's specific proprietary operating system or softwares.

The problem with this kind of software is that if the students want to use at home, the will ask their parents to spend hundreds to thousands of ringgits for each software (or resort to infringe copyrights law).

Public education institution should teach something that can be copy and distribute freely (like free/open source software) instead.

For GNU/Linux system, he recomends us to use Ututo or BLAG

At 3:00 pm, RMS will be having a seminar at the School of Computer Science, USM

(Mr. Stallman is a prominent IT figure, programmer, and the founder of the Free Software Movement)

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